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Naumure Multipurpose Project

Naumure Multipurpose Project is a storage type hydropower and irrigation project. There are three hydro schemes under the Naumure Multi-purpose Project, namely, Naumure Hydro Scheme 218.34 MW, Lamatal Hydro Scheme 8 MW, and Surainaka Hydro Scheme 54.7MW. The Dam site is proposed at about 3 km downstream of the confluence of Madi and Jhimruk Khola. The Naumure Main Dam site is proposed between the latitude of 27° 55’ 33”N and Longitude of 82° 50’ 00" E in the territory of Pyuthan district and Arghakhanchi district. The Lamatal reregulating Dam site is proposed between the latitude of 27° 52’ 05”N and Longitude of 82° 48’ 00”E in the territory of Pyuthan/Arghakhanchi district and lies approximately 6 km downstream of Naumure main dam. The Naumure Hydropower Scheme with design discharge of 154m3/s is at the upstream section of the West Rapti while at its immediate downstream is the Lamatal Hydropower Scheme. The barrage at the Lamatal Hydropower Scheme reregulates the flow for downstream release to the Rapti river for existing irrigation projects at Banke and Deukhuri. Further, at Lamatal Hydropower Scheme the design discharge of 41.6m3/s is diverted to Surainaka Hydropower Scheme and also to irrigate the 29,736 ha of the Proposed Kapilvastu Irrigation Project. The Surainaka powerhouse area is proposed at a latitude of 27° 44’ 24”N and Longitude of 82° 50’ 12” E in Surainaka village of Lumbini, Kapilbastu district, near west side of East-West Highway on the right bank of Surai Nala (Khola). Further, about 22 km downstream lies the intakes of Praganna and Badkhapath Irrigation Project while the headworks of Sikta Irrigation Project lies about 126 km downstream of Lamatal barrage. The existing irrigation systems at Duekhuri valley (10,800 ha) and Banke (42,766 ha) including proposed Kapilvastu Irrigation System (29,736 ha) are the irrigation systems under Naumure Multipurpose Project. Along with this, this project has plenty of possibilities to contribute to fisheries development, flood control, tourism and recreation development.

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