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Mr. Sameer Ratna Shakya

Mr. Sameer Ratna Shakya
Director General

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Department of Electricity DevelopmentElectricity Development Center (EDC) was established on July 16, 1993 (2050 Shrawan 1) under the then Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) to develop and promote electricity sector and to improve financial effectiveness of this sector at the national level by attracting private sector investment. It was later renamed as Department of Electricity Development (DOED) on February 7, 2000 (2056 Magh 24).




Information Officer

Mr. Baburaj Adhikari

Mr. Babu Raj Adhikari
Senior Divisional Engineer

Tel.: 01-4480326
Mobile: 9841889587




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Department of Electricity Development
Post Box No. 2507
576 BhaktiThapa Sadak (4)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: (977-1-) 4480326, 4479507, 4480425
Fax: (977-1-) 4480257



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